Additional Help

Q. How do I sign up? Who do I contact?

A. Check out the contact page, mail, or call:

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
225 South Meldrum Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 482-3746

Q. Is this a political group?

A. No. While Envision: Young Professionals may occasionally feature speakers from a political arena there to educate Envision: Young Professionals attendees on the latest political topics Envision: Young Professionals only serves to present information, not opinions.

Q. How often do these occur?

A. Every even month. That's February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Q. What is involved in an Envision: Young Professionals volunteer opportunity?

A. Envision: Young Professionals realizes the importance of getting involved in our community so each Envision: Young Professionals event features a different organization in need of volunteers. The needs of each organization will be different and therefore volunteer opportunity will ask separate requirements of the volunteers. One month may present a one-day volunteer option while another month may ask for blocks of hours to be served through out the course of time. Volunteer opportunities are made available to Envision: Young Professionals members to encourage investment in our community and while they are not mandatory but highly encouraged.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce to come to these events?

A. As a program of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, Envision Young Professionals offers a unique networking opportunity for all professionals ages 21-40 and does not require a Chamber membership.

Q. Who will I meet?

A. Envision: Young Professionals is a non-exclusive group that welcomes any young professional. Professionals from across Northern Colorado enjoy Envision: Young Professionals events. You will meet people from all walks of life, all career disciplines, all cities and all accomplishments.  You will meet your best friends, your business contacts and possibly your role model. Young professionals that attend Envision: Young Professionals events are highly motivated and successful and have been classified as "the most influential group of young professionals in Northern Colorado."

Q. Why are these events important to my career?

A. Envision: Young Professionals not only provides a forum for networking and making business connections but Envision: Young Professionals also connects you with influential and successful speakers that can talk directly about the hottest topics that may affect you, your career and your future.

Q. What’s in it for me?

A. Envision: Young Professionals is an inexpensive and friendly way to make connections, friends and do business in our community. You will be connected with the topics that are presented by the speakers that matter the most to you and the young generation while networking, having a fun and contributing to our community. You have nothing to loose by attending an Envision: Young Professionals event.

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